i got my first juniper

It is a Netscreen 5gt. So now commands maybe usefull:


Cisco IOS Cisco PIX
Cisco ASA
Juniper Netscreen Description
show configuration show configuration get config saved get saved configuration
show running-config show running-config get config get device configuration
save to save changes to config
show version show version get system gets system information, Netscreen mode
show ip inspect session get session info shows load on the firewall 85+ implies there will be some latency
show interface
sh ip interface
get interface shows interfaces, zones
get address trust/unturst shows defined network objects
show arp
sh ip arp <interface>
 show arp get arp shows arp entries
 show ip route show route get route shows firewall routes
get service shows firewall services
get group address network groups
get group service service groups
get policy in/out shows applied firewall policies
get log traffic shows firewall logs – options: based on src/dst/IP/port
no <command> unset to remove a config statement
get user all shows vpn users
get log event shows vpn logs
get mip shows one to one Nat’s
get vip shows configured port forwarding rules
get route ip x.x.x.x finds the specific route for an ip
set policy id xx put you in a specific policy then you can add more objects it instead of creating a group

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